GDPR is updated data protection legislation that became law across Europe and the UK on 25th May 2018


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On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law across Europe, including the UK.  The Data Protection Act 1998 was also replaced with the Data Protection Act 2018. 

GDPR introduces tougher fines for non-compliance and breaches, and gives people more say over what companies can do with their data and the right to compensation.  It also makes data protection rules more or less identical throughout the EU. Visit our GDPR FAQs blog for quick answers to the top 20 questions people have about GDPR.

Why should you care about GDPR?


Although this law comes from the EU, it has a global impact.  It affects any business worldwide holding personal data on customers, prospects or employees based within the EU.  If businesses ignore this law, they can be fined up to €20m or 4% of their global annual turnover – so the price of non-compliance could be very costly!  The GDPR requires organisations to create and maintain plans to protect personal data that they collect, store and use, follow defined procedures and plans in the event of a data breach, regularly evaluate their security practices, and document evidence of their compliance.

GDPR Compliance Concepts

Many of the GDPR’s main concepts and principles are much the same as those in the current Data Protection Act, so if you are complying properly with the Data Protection Act 2018, then most of your approach to compliance will remain valid under the GDPR and can be the starting point to build from.  However, there are new elements and significant enhancements, so you will have to do some things for the first time and some things differently to be compliant with the GDPR.


Many people were expecting a ‘big bang’ when GDPR came into force but when it all went quiet, lots of people saw this as a law that they do not need to worry about.  However, breaches will occur and when they do, they have to be reported, investigated and prosecuted (yes – you are prosecuted!).  This will take time, so dont be lulled into a false sense of security and do nothing.  In the last 12 months over half of SME’s and around three quarters of large organisations identified breaches or attacks (Data source: www.gov.uk – Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018).  It is essential to plan your approach to GDPR compliance now and to gain ‘buy in’ from key people in your organisation. You may need, for example, to put new procedures in place to deal with the GDPR’s new transparency and individuals’ rights provisions. In a large or complex business this could have significant budgetary, IT, personnel, governance and communications implications.



GDPR123 have wide ranging data protection expertise to help organisations prepare for the GDPR, offering a comprehensive suite of Compliance Solutions, Information Resources and Consultancy Services.

GDPR123 have created a Framework that is designed to help organisations achieve GDPR Compliance in a timely manner and to instil the right governance, policies and procedures to maintain ongoing compliance to the regulation.

We have already helped hundreds of customers on the road to GDPR Compliance, both in the UK and abroad, and have experience of working with clients across all industry sectors.

Wherever you are in your GDPR journey, we are here to help.



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Our GDPR Framework is a comprehensive system that aims to simplify the process of the GDPR Compliance journey.

The framework comprises our online GDPR Compliance Assistant which is a simple-to-use question and answer based GAP Analysis tool, detailed supporting documentation, a full audit trail of evidence for you to be able to demonstrate that your organisation is operating within GDPR guidelines, and 4 hours of remote consultancy to support you throughout the process.

Our GDPR Framework is designed for any company size – from home-based micro-businesses to large enterprises who may already have set up a GDPR team in-house. If you need to be GDPR compliant quickly and easily then our framework is made for you.



GDPR123 have wide ranging data protection expertise to help organisations prepare for the GDPR, offering a comprehensive suite of Compliance Solutions, Information Resources and Consultancy Services.



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