Brexit Personal Data

Prepare your business for Brexit

Much of the focus has been on how the flow of goods, medicines and the “just in time” services will be affected when new regulations come into force at the border.  Personal Data needs to be given the same consideration becuase personal data flows cross border on a constant basis when businesses and organisations trade with each other, subcontract or engage with cloud based services such as Hosted Email or CRMs, to name but a few.

Brexit will affect businesses and organisations in varying ways and they should have an understanding of how Data Flows and the implications in advance of 31st October 2019.

Every business or organisation operates in their own unique way and each has to consider their own scenarios and circumstances and determine how they may be affected and decide what they are going to do about it.   Remember that you also need to allow time to implement any changes.  In some cases you may be breaking the law on the 1st November 2019.

Brexit will undoubtedly impact some businesses and organisations more than the next so if you:

  • Receive personal data from businesses or organisations in the EU
  • If your business targets or employs any EU citizen

To keep your data flowing you need to:

  • Explain to your data subjects how their data is affected
  • Amend Contracts and Governance
  • Consider whether you need any representation within the EU

Failure to make these changes can create a Barrier for Trading within the EU and could potentially result in a Financial Penalty or Actions against your business or organisation and potentially invalidate your Insurances.