GDPR Compliance

We have many products to assist you with GDPR Compliance.

Our GDPR Compliance Assistant helps you to undertake a detailed GAP Analysis on your organisation.

It can assist you in identifying any shortcomings / non-conformity to the new regulations.

It will check you have all of the policies and procedures in place, providing templates and examples where needed. Giving you a basis for gathering supporting evidence and documents. Putting you in control of your compliance.

Our document templates are professionally written to an ISO standard.
These are a fast track to complying with GDPR, DPA, ISO27001, ISO9001.

Furthermore we have the additional expertise in these areas to assist you in writing the Policies, Plans, Performing  DPIA and assisting you with Procedures.

Within the GDPR Framework you get policy and procedure templates, supply chain audits, Data Flow mapping tools, and step by step online guidance towards compliance.

As well as access to our unique GDPR Compliance Assistant, included in the price is 4 hours consultancy, Data Mapping tools, Supplier Due Diligence and our GDPR Framework Folders:

  • Public Resources folder with an annotated GDPR Legislation text.
  • Internal Only Folder with internal policies and procedures, plans and notices.
  • Confidential folder to hold audit records, processing records and legal information.

You can also purchase additional folders if you need them. all products within the packs are available separately as well so you can build your own bundles.

If needed we can arrange a free consultation to see which products would best suit your needs. we can also do on-site audits and data mapping analysis.

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