Folders Bundle

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A Bundle of extra folders to assist with document management and compliance.


The public folders is useful reference and guidance regardless of who needs it.

Along with all of our folders it uses colour coding to indicate the access level.

Public folder contents:

    1. GDPR Chapter 1: General Provisions
    2. GDPR Chapter 2: Prinicples
    3. GDPR Chapter 3: Rights of the data subject
    4. GDPR Chapter 4: Controller and Processor
    5. GDPR Chapter 5: Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations
    6. GDPR Chapter 6: Independent Supervisory Authorities
    7. GDPR Chapter 7: Cooperation and Consistency
    8. GDPR Chapter 8: Remedies, Liability and Penalties
    9. GDPR Chapter 9: Provisions Relating to Specific Processing Situations
    10. GDPR Chapter 10: Delegated Acts and Implementing Acts
    11. GDPR Chapter 11: Final Provisions
    12. GDPR Recitals
    13. Compliance Assistant Quick Start Guide
    14. Conducting an Audit Guide
    15. Writing Policies and Procedures Guide
    16. Legal Basis for processing Guide
    17. Fair Processing Guide
    18. Subject Data Rights Guide
    19. Controller and Processor
    20. Conducting a DPIA guide
    21. Glossary

The operation folders is useful ensuring all staff know where to find policies, procedures and plans.

Along with all of our folders, it uses colour coding to indicate the access level.

Operational folder contents:

    1. Policies folder divider
    2. Procedures folder divider
    3. Plans folder divider
    4. Emergency Contacts folder divider
    5. Reference Materials folder divider

The confidential folder is useful for storing a lots documents that are need to show compliance (such as audit records or rights requests).

Along with all of our folders, it uses colour coding to indicate the access level.

Confidential folder contents:

  1. Audit Records divider
  2. Information Asset Register divider
  3. Internal Breach Register divider
  4. Certificate Register divider
  5. Persons of Significant Control divider
  6. Processing Records divider
  7. Data Subject Rights Requests divider
  8. Legal Documents divider
  9. Other Records divider
  10. Other Contacts divider