Removable Media Policy Template

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This professionally written template will help you to write your own Removable Media Policy. This policy can be useful to show compliance when part of a larger management system.


This policy is a supporting policy of the Information Security Policy, so the purpose is the same, to secure information. In order for data to be safely stored and transferred on removable media, this policy establishes the principles and working practices that are to be followed by all people that fall under the scope. This policy aims to ensure that the use of removable media devices is controlled in order to:
Enable the correct data to be made available where it is required.
Maintain the integrity of the data.
Prevent unintended or deliberate consequences to the stability of the company?s computer network.
Comply with any legislation, policies or good practice requirements.
Maintain high standards of care in ensuring the security of protected and restricted information.
Prohibit the disclosure of information as may be necessary by law.